Microsoft bids $ 44.6 billion to buy Yahoo | If this deal happens, it will have a direct impact on Google; Yahoo has many services ranging from search engines to shopping, sports, travel.

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Yahoo was once the number one search engine in the world, but Google gradually ended its reign completely. In such a situation, Microsoft Corp has now offered $ 44.6 billion (about 3.3 lakh crore rupees) to buy Yahoo Inc. On the basis of this deal, these two companies can raise competition for Google. Yahoo said on Friday that its board would evaluate the offer. Its shares have risen nearly 48% to $ 28.33 (about Rs. 2090).

This is not the first time that Microsoft has offered to buy Yahoo. Rather, since 2008, she is constantly trying it. Microsoft has written a letter to the Yahoo board in which it offered $ 31 in cash and stock per share. If this deal happens then people can get many benefits.

Yahoo dominates news, finance and sports
500 million (500 million) people visit Yahoo every month for news, finance and sports. At the same time, it is number one in the consumer email service. Critics say the two companies have multiple overlapping businesses. These include emails and advertisements from instant messaging. There is also a web search market with news, travel and finance sites. However, Google dominates all these places.

Users gain in competition from Google
There is no doubt that Google is a wild king of the Internet world. Google is controlling everything from the Google search engine to the Android operating system of the smartphone. Most people have become completely dependent on Google’s apps and software. This is the reason that Google is now slowly paying many services. Users may have to spend 130 rupees a month just for Google Photos. In such a situation, the command of Yahoo comes in the hands of Microsoft, then it can launch many services to challenge Google.

Right now Yahoo has many services that Microsoft can take advantage of. With the help of these services, it can pull the users of Google towards itself.

List of yahoo services

Yahoo search engine
Yahoo Mail
Yahoo entertainment
Yahoo finance
Yahoo lifestyle
Yahoo Mail
Yahoo news
Yahoo research
Yahoo shopping
Yahoo small business
Yahoo sports
Yahoo travel

Apple is also following this path
According to a report by the Financial Times, Apple has also started ending Google’s grandeur on search. Apple has started showing its search results in the iPhone’s new operating system iOS 14. This is the first time Google’s search results are not visible on any of Apple’s operating systems.

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